St John Paul II

Catholic Primary School

Social Worker & Chaplaincy Worker

The Social Worker & Chaplaincy Worker assist children & families in the St John Paul II Catholic Primary school community with issues that may impact on a child’s learning or overall functioning. They can help identify, assess and resolve the social and emotional difficulties that can interfere with school life and help children gain the most from their educational opportunities. They can also help parents to strengthen their parenting skills and cope with life’s challenges.

As well as working with individual children our Social Worker & Chaplaincy Worker coordinate the Rainbows program which supports children experiencing grief or loss from parent’s divorce/separation or death of a family member.

Other programs include:

  • Massage in School Program - a multisensory peer massage program that fosters positive relationships between students.
  • Transition to high school - a program for year 6 students which assists them to prepare for high school.
  • You Can Do It! - incorporates the use of the 5 keys of Confidence, Getting Along, Organisation, Persistence and Resilience.
  • Sensory integration program - offers students the opportunity to address their sensory needs via exercise activities, relaxation and massage.

For more information regarding these services please contact the Social Worker & Chaplaincy Worker.

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In Harmony with our God, St John Paul II Catholic Primary School community is centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by the spiritual gifts of unity, compassion and forgiveness.

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