St John Paul II

Catholic Primary School

Ethos and Vision

Our Vision

With Christ as our guide and in the spirit of harmony we embrace and empower our community to be witness to and celebrate the diversity of faith, life and learning.

Our Charisms

As a Catholic School we have articulated particular charisms or focuses that we identify with and direct our way of life.These are;

  • Daily Practical Witness to Christ
  • Community Prayer
  • Sustainable practices
  • Inclusivity
  • Challenging Injustice
  • Embracing Diversity

Our Philosophy

The basis of the educational philosophy of all staff at Banksia Grove Catholic Primary revolves around developmental learning. This approach to education sees the curriculum as being childcentred, recognising that each child is a precious and unique gift from God. Developmental Learning provides educational experiences appropriate to the child's development. As a specially designed sustainable school, staff and students will also be involved in a variety of programmes and practises encouraging appropriate use and management of all our resources.

Educational priorities are:

  • The continued development and effective implementation of our Evangelisation Plan, with a particular emphasis on Religious Education classes and the sacramental programmes and ensuring the plan is linked to policies and practices throughout the school.
  • The consolidation of the RAISe literacy programme. Data gathered on the children indicate the very positive effect it is having upon the children's reading and writing. These aspects of literacy will be developed and consolidated with a greater emphasis on spelling and Maths.
  • The continuation of collaborative learning strategies where the children and staff are involved in activities which involved collaboration with one or more persons, goal setting, planning , reviewing and fun. All essential elements in effective learning and teaching.
  • The development of our sustainability practices. In addition to our being a Waterwise School, paper recycling, the compost bins are all aspects of our understating and respecting the environment. Banksia Grove is working hard at reducing, recycling and re-using in our daily practices and reminding each other and the community of our responsibility in caring for the environment. We are part of the State Government's Sustainable schools programme. This year we have introduced our edible garden - veggie patch & orchard.
  • Continuing with, You Can Do It Programme, Being an Asthma Friendly School, the use of Technologies to enhance learning and the continuation of the Protective Behaviours programme which are all part of the National Safe Schools Programme, an Australian Government initiative which commenced in all schools in 2006.
  • The development of student leadership through the Student Ministries of Communication, Liturgy, Environment and Pastoral and the continuation of the class buddies system.

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In Harmony

Embracing Diversity

With Christ as our guide and in the spirit of harmony we embrace and empower our community to be witness to and celebrate the diversity of faith, life and learning.

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PO Box 454 Wanneroo WA 6946
Telephone (08) 9303 7101 Fax (08) 9404 8777
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