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Our Uniform

Wearing the school uniform is compulsory for all children from Pre-Primary to Year Six. We are very proud of our school and the uniform and expect that children wearing the school uniform are neat and tidy at all times, please notify the class teacher if something has occurred to prevent a child being at school in the correct uniform.

There are no school uniform requirements for Kindergarten children. Kindergarten children may wear the uniform, but the choice is entirely a parental decision.

Throughout the year a No hat no play policy will be in place. For children from Kindy to Year Six this means a school hat. Hair must be neat and tidy and kept off the face. All children with shoulder length hair must have it tied up. Hair accessories must be in school colours (Green, gold or red)

Sports Uniforms are worn on the day your child has Sports lessons. Girls are permitted to wear the cargo shorts and pants, however, they must have the tartan skirt for formal occasions.

Uniform Shop

Volunteer parents will run the uniform shop each Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.00am to 9.00am. Order forms can be obtained from the office. Uniform orders cannot be sent home until they are paid for. Unfortunately the cost of uniforms cannot be incorporated with the direct debit system of paying school fees.

Download a copy of the latest Uniform Price List.

Uniform Requirements

Summer Terms 1 & 4
  • Bottle green school hat with badge
  • Lemon shirt with badge (unisex)
  • Bottle green cargo shorts (boys & girls))
  • School dress (girls)
  • Green school socks
  • Black enclosed shoes
Winter Terms 2 & 3
  • Bottle green school hat with badge
  • Lemon shirt with badge (unisex)
  • Bottle green cargo trousers (boys & girls))
  • Tartan skirt (girls)
  • Red school jumper with crest (unisex)
  • Green school socks
  • Black enclosed shoes
Sports uniform
  • Bottle green school hat with badge
  • School polo shirt
  • Bottle green sports shorts
  • Micro fibre jacket & track pants with logo
  • Green school socks
  • Black joggers

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