St John Paul II

Catholic Primary School

School Profile

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School lies in a beautiful bushland setting, which is an apt environment to develop an understanding of our need to care for the land and sustainable practices. Our school is a co educational primary school catering for children from Kindy to Year 6. Being a new school developed in a rapidly growing part of the metropolitan area we welcome children from all over the world throughout the school year. Our multicultural community is a reflection of our motto 'In Harmonyā€¯. As a result we have developed an environment where Inclusivity and tolerance is essential.

Our school community comprises families from 30 nationalities. 4% of our children are indigenous. Each of our classes, 6% caters for children identified as having disabilities

As a result our school offers a broad curriculum, which exposes the children to become confident and competent members of our school community and society as a whole. We work hard at developing relationships between school and home and the community as a whole.

Banksia Grove has been part of the RAISe literacy initiative since 2004. In 2009 we are part of the Leading Aligned Numeracy Development (LAND) project and in 2010 Bluearth program.

Supplementary programs such as Rainbows, Art Therapy, Protective Behaviours, Collaborative Learning, Reading Recovery, EMU (Enhancing Mathematical Understandings) and You Can Do It and Crunch & Sip have been introduced. All the children are involved in all activities e.g. Performing Arts. Class buddies are well established .For 2009 all children were involved in the class movies Program and received a complimentary DVD of their school year. In addition to our Religious Education, program across the curriculum Aboriginal Studies and Sustainability are core elements.

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In Harmony

Embracing Diversity

With Christ as our guide and in the spirit of harmony we embrace and empower our community to be witness to and celebrate the diversity of faith, life and learning.

6 Kurrajong Boulevard, Banksia Grove WA 6031
PO Box 454 Wanneroo WA 6946
Telephone (08) 9303 7101 Fax (08) 9404 8777
ABN: 70 918 990 241